Reliable partner for mutual success.

EKOLUKA KEY D.O.O., was founded in the year 2002 as a professional trade company in the area of rolling shutters. Consistent continual development, timely delivery, attractive prices and our commitment to only offer the best products distinguish our business activity.

Our approach

Successful cooperation with foreign suppliers is reflected in the conclusion of representation agreements, and with domestic customers in popular prices, warranty periods and quality customer service, which includes technical support and delivery of goods with its own fleet.


Our primary task was to provide quality goods at an affordable price, keeping in mind the requirements of our customers with constant monitoring of modern trends, which largely allows our customers (in the form of finished products) to realize economically, aesthetically and environmentally superior products. 


EKOLUKA KEY DOO will continue to strive to enrich its offer with new items, which we hope will make our existing customers even more satisfied and provide new ones with whom we want to share future business successes and end user satisfaction.