Scrolling insect screen enable raising and lowering of the mosquito net as needed. The net is wound in an aluminum housing, guided through aluminum guides with brushes, and is wound by means of an integrated spring. A simple and reliable locking system secures the net in the lowered position. It is very simple and practical to use, which makes it the most common in our market


Plissé insect screens are the most comfortable mosquito net system. They consist of a pleated mesh and a frame made of aluminum. They are characterized by extremely easy and simple use, do not take up space when opening, and the main advantage is that they do not have a spring and do not tend to close or open. It is possible to stop them in any position. Extremely safe system for children. They can also be installed on larger windows and doors.


Fixed insect screen consist of a mesh and a frame made of aluminum. They are installed by screwing on the window and their installation is possible only in places that can be accessed from the outside.